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Pinnacle Travel Staffing presents check to Neighbors Foundation



Pinnacle Travel Staffing takes their community needs seriously and proved it through organizing the second annual Pinnacle Charity Golf Tournament on Friday, September 23rd at Beaver Island, benefiting the Neighbors Foundation of Grand Island food pantry as well as other Grand Island organizations. On November 1st, President/CEO Marty Rastelli presented Neighbors Foundation Vice President Larry Slovick a check in the generous amount of $10,000. The Foundation is extremely grateful for Pinnacle’s commitment to our community, allowing our pantry to serve those in need on Grand Island.

Pictured l-r: Rick Schmitz, Pinnacle Director of Marketing, Neighbors Foundation’s Valerie Gaydosh, Sally Goris and Larry Slovick, Pinnacle President/CEO Marty Rastelli and Tommy Makowski, Pinnacle Healthcare Recruiter.

If you or anyone you know needs confidential food assistance, please call the Neighbors Foundation at 716-775-7998 or email

Pinnacle Travel Golf Tournament Check Presentation.jpg
Certified AutoBrokers donates to the Neighbors Foundation this Holiday Season


Certified AutoBrokers owner Travis Smith is pictured presenting a donation check to Neighbors Foundation Vice President Larry Slovick. As the holidays approach and the need for food and gifts has increased, the Neighbors Foundation is grateful for the support of Certified AutoBrokers and the many community members of Grand Island. Various food drives and donations enable us to provide assistance to our Grand Island Neighbors. Many thanks to Certified AutoBrokers for their generosity! 


Please visit if you are interested in supporting our mission of Neighbors Helping Neighbors!


If you or someone you know is in need of food assistance, please call 716-775-7998 or email us at for confidential assistance. 


Pictured L-R: Travis Smith, Certified AutoBrokers and Neighbors Foundation Vice President Larry Slovick 

Certified Auto Borkers Donation Pic 11.09.22.jpg
HUNT Real Estate ERA 3RD annual Food Drive  - Saturday Nov 12th

HUNT Real Estate ERA is holding its 3rd annual food drive to benefit the Neighbors Foundation on November 12, 2022. Please drop off food donations on Saturday, November 12 to help our Grand Island neighbors in need between 10am - 2pm at HUNT Real Estate ERA, 2098 Grand Island Blvd. Top-requested items are in the image below. Thank you for helping us help our neighbors, and please help us spread the word!


And if you or anyone you know needs confidential food assistance, please call us at 716-775-7998 or email

Hunt Flyer2.jpg
Century 21 Winklhofer  Food Drive


Century 21 Winklhofer is holding a food drive to benefit the Neighbors Foundation food pantry throughout the month of November. You can drop off food donations to help our neighbors in need all month in the entryway of their office at 1770 Grand Island Blvd. Thank you for helping us help our neighbors in need this holiday season!


And if you or anyone you know needs confidential food assistance, please call us at 716-775-7998 or email

C21 Food Drive Flyer.jpg

Elementary School Turkey Trot

The Neighbors Foundation appreciates the generosity of the teachers, administrators, students and parents that donated food as part of the Elementary School Turkey Trot event that was held at the Grand Island High School Track on November 5th.


Through the generosity of the participants, the Neighbors Foundation will be able to provide food assistance to our Neighbors in need.

Our Neighbors can find themselves in need throughout the year, and the Holiday Season can be particularly difficult for those trying to make ends meet.

Thank you to all who donated to help make the Holiday Season brighter for our Neighbors!

If you are in need of assistance, or would like to donate to the Neighbors Foundation, please visit us at our website:

Pictured with donated food:

Valerie Gaydosh and David Conboy (Neighbors Foundation),

Max Pikula (Huth Road Principal), Felicia Pallaci (Kaegebein Principal)and Michael Antonelli (Sidway Principal)

Turkey Trot Pic.jpg
                       Neighbors Foundation Receives
                         2022 Chamber of Commerce
                 Civic Organization of the Year Award 

Message from David Conboy President of the Foundation

Good Evening - I am Dave Conboy, and on behalf of the Neighbors Foundation, I’d like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for thinking of us and recognizing our organization.  


We gratefully accept this award, not for ourselves, but on behalf of all those who selflessly provide the resources that allow us to assist our fellow Islanders.


We receive tremendous, and truly essential support from individual Island residents, religious and civic organizations, businesses – both large and small - many present here tonight, and Grand Island Schools.


And when times are tough, like during COVID, Islanders always generously and benevolently rise to the occasion.  Truly inspiring and bountiful charitable assistance from the wonderful people of Grand Island.


I’d like to recognize the Board of Directors for the Neighbors Foundation who make working together, fulfilling, rewarding – and importantly– enjoyable and even fun.  An essential characteristic to sustain any organization, particularly one like ours that relies solely on volunteers to accomplish its mission.  


Two quotes - both from the Bible - come to mind as I think of Islanders in general – and certainly my fellow Board members.


And those two quotes are:


“Love thy neighbor” unconditionally, and “To whom much is given much is expected”. We have been given so much and are certainly deeply and richly blessed on Grand Island.


These concepts guide our deliberations and serve to inform and influence our collective conscience as we make decisions as a Board.


So thank you to all on our Board of Directors and all our volunteers, represented by those present here tonight: Larry Slovick, Sally and Dave Goris, Beth Boron, Arlene Larry, and Annie Carlson.


And it is certainly appropriate to recognize and honor Hank Kammerer, who was one of the Island leaders present and advocating for the creation of the Neighbors Foundation 50 years ago.  Hank continues to be an active member helping us to stay true to our altruistic roots, even as we adapt and modernize to ensure we remain relevant to this community over the next 50+ years.


Finally we’d like to thank the most important people associated with the Neighbors Foundation. Our clients - those Residents of Grand Island who we are so very privileged to serve.


We thank them for having the courage to call us. We thank them for trusting us to confidentially and compassionately provide non-judgmental assistance to them when they find themselves at a challenging time in their lives. Perhaps even the Most challenging time in their lives.


After all, we can all relate to needing assistance, can’t we? 

I know I can.


Because each one of us has found ourselves in need at one time or another. Whether requiring financial, physical, or emotional help - or any other way in which a fundamental need may manifest itself.


When we find ourselves in these circumstances, it can be scary. And we look to and rely on each other, Family and Friends for kindness and assistance. And on this Island community, we are fortunate to always be there for each other. Ready to assist. Ready to help each other - individually and collectively.


So I speak for the entire Board when I say how very thankful we are for the privilege to serve the residents of this wonderful community and how profoundly grateful we are for the opportunity to continue to work together with the loving and generous people of Grand Island to fulfill our Neighbors Foundation motto of “Neighbors helping Neighbors”.



Thanks for all you do.  On to the next 50 year - together!  :-)


Go Bills!

Best - Dave

May 2022 Letter Carriers' Food Collection



Grand Islanders - On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I would like to thank you for your bountiful contributions this past weekend with the Letter Carriers’ food collection that benefited our organization.


Through your amazing generosity, we are well postured to support our neighbors who require assistance through the summer and into the fall.


Of course, we could not have done it without the superb efforts of our Grand Island Letter Carriers who collected and brought all the food to our pantry.


Please join us in thanking them for what they do each and every day, and especially their extra effort and selfless service in gathering the food donations this past Saturday.


We would also like to thank the Kiwanis Club, representatives from Grand Island High School, and all our volunteers who spent hours organizing and sorting the food.


Thank you once again Grand Island for your continued support of the Neighbors Foundation as we remain committed to providing confidential food assistance to our neighbors.


If you need assistance, please contact us at 716-775-7998.


David Conboy

Grand Island Neighbors Foundation

October 2021
Share Your Happiness Campaign

Dear Friends and generous supporters of the Neighbors Foundation,

Again in 2021, we look to our friends and generous supporters of the Neighbors Foundation in our planning for the Annual Holiday Distribution to the less fortunate family members on Grand Island.  For over 40 years, we have provided food pantry gift baskets and gift donations to our families in need, all made possible from donations from various groups and organizations. Our primary means of donations has been and continues to be financial contributions; we do also accept gift card donations (we can only accept Tops or Target cards) should you desire to purchase and donate gift cards to the campaign. Those cards could be mailed to P.O. Box 155, Grand Island  NY  14072.

Thank you for your consideration in participating in our Annual Holiday Distribution Campaign.  Last year we provided food pantry baskets for 60 families and we provided gift cards for parents to use on their 110 children.  Your donation to us helps to make a difference in the lives of these families and these children during this holiday season. With an all-volunteer staff, be assured that all of your donation is used to help local Island  families in need. And for that, we thank you again.


For your convenience, you can simply click the “DONATE” button below to make a monetary donation with a major credit card.   Checks can also be mailed to the Neighbors Foundation at P.O. Box 155, Grand Island, NY, 14072.



We believe that this community, by thinking of their neighbors even as they themselves face tougher times, can really be a grand island to live in. The Neighbors Foundation, with community help, will make it so.

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